About Us

SFB is a Boutique Style Service for Premium Clients. We specialize in Video Advertising and Marketing Materials. Our philosophy is: “Creativity is a Fragrance of the Imagination. Dream Bigger.” As a Creative Communications Consultancy we¬†inspire Dreaming in HD.

They say, one trait of a great Storyteller is the ability to fantasize vividly. Guilty As Charged! SFB loves hearing a great story just as much as we love fantasizing about one. Stories have the power to inspire, teach and entertain. In the world of Advertising we share stories to communicate and connect with our customers.

Successful Copywriting for the purpose of Advertising and Marketing is our passion. The Return On Investment from an Advertising Campaign is related to the message. How effective was it? So far we have a track record of Smiles and that keeps us in the Happy Zone. SFB provides a customized experience. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the many ways we can service you and deliver outstanding results.

Patricia Stathi- Founder